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taziku / 株式会社タジク

資本金: 3,000,000円

本社所在地:〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷2-19-15 宮益坂ビルディング609



ブランディング / コンサルティング / AI / 生成AI / LLM活用 /  

メタバース / AR / WEB3 / NFT / 新規事業開発支援 / R&D支援

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Our Service

taziku is a creative studio based in Tokyo and Nagoya. The name comes from the intention of having multiple axes and the image of “multi-axis” of machines that process products requiring multiple tools at once.
We aim to create not only existing creative work but also new expressions and experiences by utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, generative AI, and LLM, etc. We will promote the use of AI in a wide range of fields beyond BtoB and BtoC, and aim to create a society where creators can immerse themselves in more creative activities. We will continue to promote the use of AI in a wide range of fields beyond the BtoB and BtoC domains, aiming to create a society where creators can immerse themselves in creative activities.




Yoshihiro Tanaka / CEO


After graduating from university, he worked at a graphic design firm before founding Idea Cloud Inc. After establishing design, AR, VR, and other tech businesses, he transferred his shares to and retired as representative director, and founded taziku.


Yuka Kanbe / Designer – Illustrator


After graduating from a clothing college, he worked at a graphic design office before becoming a director of a creative studio.He then joined taziku Inc. as a director. Ltd. where he is involved in a wide range of design and illustration genres.


Join us




taziku is currently looking for partners to promote our business together. We are looking for professionals who can form alliances with us in various ways, regardless of the domain. If you have sharp assets but not enough design, technology or sales design, we would like to hear from you. If you have a sharp asset, we want to hear from you.